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Thunder look at real-time on-demand player in the player to build pan-

Thunder players have been to see our favorite video, recently released a new version which can be functional in the play: not only can play movies on your hard disk, it can play network video, It also can support Thunder 5 broadcast feature below the edge. With the new release, we can better experience the unique charm of her.

Software Name: Thunder look at players (Thunder AV)

Software Version:

Software Size: 28472k

Software licensing: Free

Application platform: Win9X Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Vista

Download: Thunder look at players (Thunder AV)

First, direct broadcast network video files

Thunder player to see a new version of Internet video playback support, we just click the "Menu" 鈫?"File" 鈫?"Open URL", enter the following URL address if you can play (Figure 1).

Figure 1, the network directly play video files

Second, play video files in seeds

We also can click "menu" 鈫?"File" 鈫?"Open the BT seed file", then open the appropriate seed files. In addition, we can also drag and drop files directly to the seed to the Thunder to see players play the. Note that, if the seed file contains multiple video files, which will automatically add the video to the playlist, the default play the first video (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 seed in the video player

3, Play film library and large files

In addition, the Thunder players also support the Thunder look to see film library and large, can do a direct broadcast network video. Click on the top of the "film library" button, and then you can see the Thunder look at the content (Figure 3). Selection, the player will enter the play list! Is worth mentioning that the film library in the film classification more intelligently, we can quickly find the movie you want.

In addition, we also can click the "theater" button to switch the interface to the theater, where all the large Thunder to see children, also can give us more and better enjoyment.

4, support the broadcast function Thunder 5 side below

Thunder 5.9 has a feature to see players with the Thunder, you can download the video to achieve real-time playback, and will not affect download. First, we look to open Thunder player, and then click "Menu" 鈫?"View" 鈫?"System Settings" command, followed by the open window, click "related" tab, then click the bottom right pane " Select All "button, and select the" Always maintain a file association "check box, and then click" OK "button (Figure 5). In this way, Thunder to see our players become the default player.

Figure 3 the Thunder to see players set to default player

Next, when we download download movie, there may be as shown in Figure 6, the window, click the "Play" can be conducted after the broadcast side below (Figure 7). If we did not find or ignore the window in Figure 6, you can download the resources in the Thunder 5.9 s when the right-click and select "Play" command (Figure 8) to direct play.

Figure 4 tips you can directly play the next edge

Figure 5 Direct Play manual preparation


Below to achieve the broadcast side, the average download speed must be at least 640Kb / s (co-80KB / s), and maintain more than 10 seconds.

Suggestions after 10% download to preview, in order to obtain better results.

5, hard disk playback film stability

Thunder has a strong look at the players in addition to the direct playback of Internet video capabilities, the local hard drive for movie playback is also no less. It is a small, steady player, use the mouse to drag and drop movie progress bar, Thunder players will immediately jump to see the appropriate office, almost "seamless switch." Moreover, the Thunder players, though small to see, but "the sparrow may be small, but perfectly formed." It is not only powerful, but also compatible with the market almost all video and audio formats and also can play the now popular high-definition video. Meanwhile, the Thunder look at player also supports skinning operation, can be allowed to become more fashionable. In addition, as a player, Thunder to see audio-visual player also can be said to be acceptable, almost all of our players to meet the demand.

Overall, this version of the Thunder players to see the biggest features is the pan in the play, that is, in addition to playing hard on the films, almost all of the network are able to directly play the video. In fact, with the popularity of Internet video, broadcast video directly to achieve the Internet has become a strong demand for everyone. This can save a lot of time, similar to the direct realization of VCD / DVD in real time on-demand results. The reason why the Internet is difficult to achieve smooth video, because video is often relatively large (high-definition video is more), the demand for higher bandwidth. High-speed data transmission network is the Thunder host the company's core competitiveness, so use the Thunder players will be able to see a comprehensive breakthrough in achieving high-speed networks, real-time video playback.


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