Thursday, September 16, 2010

MSN users frequently worry about strangers raid computer data leakage

Mid-week, instant messaging between friends suddenly coming into "strangers", and the operator because "the trust between friends," to allow the door, but to who is to "sell" clothes, shoes and other goods, "Hawker . "

Operating MSNMessenger of Microsoft, said this may be the user logged on other malicious websites, resulting in personal information being stolen, but MSN itself did not open this "door."

Suddenly burst into the "want to slowly grow old with you"

For public relations firm working CHEN Chun-ping, the day after a few minutes to the office are programmable: Turn on your computer, log MSNMessenger, then leave the seat down a glass of water. But the day before yesterday, when she came upon the water returned to their seats, MSN unearthed in a prompt, life finally got some new ideas.

"One is called 'i want to get older' person who added me, although the names are not familiar with, but generally no stranger MSN." Before, CHEN Chun-ping only met a stranger in MSN, it is hoped that Turkish chat with Chinese boys, and there is no malice, so this time she did not hesitate to add the "i want to get older."

CHEN Chun-ping greetings to each other, each other's play, "I am for the new blog" response, followed by a row of strange website. CHEN Chun-ping try to open a web page: "eyes full of full of clothes and shoes, and 'marked price'." She just added one understand their MSN advertising robot.

Since adding MSN contacts were identified through the e-mail, the other side if you do not know your MSN e-mail address private, so it would not know an account. This is different from "dissemination of small ads" and "intermediary approach" for CHEN Chun-ping are extremely confused, "My e-mail address is usually printed on business cards, that is, when we spend interpersonal, and personal information are generally delivered at a friend's acquaintance room. "

CHEN Chun-ping, but such experience is not limited to one person.

There have been fears of computer data leakage

May 30 and 31 for two days, a considerable part of the MSN user login as long as the date for the first time will find "hawker" in the figure, in addition to selling clothes and friends, even under the guise of marketing blog, click into the ambiguity of erotic pictures are there . Advertising gimmick is the "blog last update, there are a lot of wonderful pictures and welcome concern", or "affordable XX brand clothing, seeing is believing."

Compared to other instant messaging tool QQ, MSN has been providing search capabilities, always keeping their "work acquaintances chat" feature. However, the emergence in recent days a large number of MSN robot, making "acquaintance chat" encountered a bit of a challenge this notion.

"Although the robot is not difficult to remove these ads, but will delete them together, come and go very annoying." Zhao Zhen staff, said in recent days added to his strange robot chaos MSN, has affected his work.

Another part of the MSN users worried that users often add application name to "make efforts", often by easy identification, we use more English, and "old friend" of the new appearance, makes hard to detect. Once the computer virus to apply, whether the information the computer may have leaked?

Microsoft said it does not disclose personal information

In response, Microsoft's PR agency in Shanghai, said Miss Zhao, Microsoft did not disclose your personal information, other factors may cause a large number of robots in recent days appear MSN advertising. She said that a number of websites registered member, under the guise of a user's MSN account and password, can be successfully registered, resulting malicious MSN account information was stolen, and the user added "Friends" mailing address will also so outside vent. "Network hawkers" who thus wantonly to add, expand advertising positions.

At the same time, Microsoft does not rule out "network vendors" in mass, the user may add arbitrary random, will receive spam mail as many reasons, extremely complex.

Microsoft said that the current view of this, "psoriasis" is not real-time monitoring capabilities, "because we are all users as MSN Messenger, and MSN itself, and no technical defects caused by the fans 'ad the door' open. Therefore suggested that the most Add a good confirmation for those, and then allowed to join, so as to avoid accidents. "

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