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Communities of practice: learning continuously charge!

Communities of practice (CoP) is a problem, opportunities and possible solutions to those who share a common interest in learning the composition of the group.

These groups can work together to help members accelerate the pace of research and development business results and increase value.

Everyone can not be separated from others and learn from the external environment to learn. To attract members with the power of both occupations, but also social. Both are critical to the success of the CoP.

First, the "Professional Practice" is very important because group members were concerned that the "real work" obtained knowledge.

In addition, the study is sociability, because the CoP is based on familiarity and mutual trust. CoP members can help by finding and sharing best practices, and the establishment of social resources throughout the organization.

How CoP affect business success? Staff engaged in knowledge management recently studied the non-structural, or default of the importance of knowledge, and social networks in innovation and knowledge creation role. Many people believe that CoP can provide an environment to develop tacit knowledge, training and extension.

CoP can exist within a single organization, or a single sector, but also spread to a number of organizations. Out in the CoP to develop an idea could lead to a new production line, or by reducing the execution time of IT projects or measures to bring better jobs to save millions of dollars. For example, the Silicon Valley CIO Community of Practice (CIO-CoP) has begun to define the terms of purchase contract software best operating practice, which is conducive to the buyer, but also conducive to the seller.

So, SoP look like, how it work? As an example, we are currently promoting two CoP, although different, are based on the IT-CoP.

CIO Community of Practice

CIO Community of Practice (CIO COP) was established in 1997, is a payment of the CIO community. The first formal meeting was held in 1998. The CoP unusual, because its members come from different companies, they want to define their own goals, to find topics of common concern. The participants set the basic principles of their own, and decided to implement and meeting time. They want to cover all topics of CIO responsibilities and obligations, including:

People: training and training IT personnel, IT organizations for the grand cause of the future depict vivid picture. In the management of personnel, internal and external customers in partnership to help IT organizations to actively promote to promote business growth.

Technology: selection and use of appropriate technology for the organization and its stakeholders to maintain contact, and direct benefits to the entire organization.

Process: establishing effective and efficient process for organizations to provide information to help users to create strategic and tactical advantage.

Practice: the establishment of standards and test procedures to help us understand the success.

In the most advanced years, CIO CoP has grown, and rapidly changing. More than 20 companies CIO participation; a half days each month's meeting chaired by a member of the company. Almost all of the meetings, including at least two "expert speaker", they form and lead an interactive community members to discuss topics. In this section, after the end of the content is another important meeting: a not only promote professional exchanges to promote social interaction dinner. We provide a summary of each meeting, along with presentation materials, and for the CoP members to build a library for reference. In regular meetings, members can work together to write a book called "CIO Wisdom" and a book by Prentice Hall publishing.

Silicon Valley application / system software CoP

Silicon Valley application / system software CoP (A / O CoP) was established in mid-2001, similar to the structure and CIO CoP. Comprising two or more managers for each company-level IT staff. Every month they hold a half-day conference on, plus dinner. The CoP members are slowly building trust and familiarity of the relationship that the sharing of knowledge for innovation is necessary. Meeting, the members of the Cisco system with in-depth study of IT in mergers and acquisitions in the role, this is an example of this.

CoP appreciation for the value chain. CoP through the exchange of experience and Silicon Valley, as well as community members and speakers and discussions, we found from different groups are involved in activities in the value of CoP. Here are some of the benefits:

For members of the benefits:

Frank, interactive discussion. Silicon Valley CIO Cop and A / O CoP model is the commercial, members of the limited number (generally less than 25) to facilitate interaction and intimacy. Conference on dialogue model, discuss a common topic in IT, with emphasis on interactive questions and listening, rather than debate. As the CoP is to promote growth and learning, openness is more important than the right. This does not mean that all members must agree to the speaker is always the view, whether among members, between members and speakers, or between speakers is true. But, regardless of the exchange and more intense, they are well-intentioned.

Trust network. For CoP members and organizers, the intimate relations are very important to the continued success of CoP. People are more willing to believe the person familiar with the experience, and these people have shared their experiences. The dinner portion of the meeting participants the opportunity to become a storyteller, simulation and managers outside the CIO position, eventually become friends.

Learning opportunities. By analyzing the best practices, members can learn many new products, solutions and services. They can get from the company or other companies career opportunities, get peer recognition, or explore new job opportunities for the next (although we do not encourage the jumps!) Members, without exception, the expansion of the professional circles, have been professional training and learning opportunities, but also have been happy!

Ongoing communication and reference. Outside the monthly meeting time, members, organizers and speakers of all communication between the through e-mail, telephone, or sponsor on-line forums. Representative of the communication, conversation quality and attention to detail complete CoP services are an important part.

The benefits of the speaker:

Target audience. IT organizations that make a difference in the company representatives have a unique opportunity: in an informal environment with the highest level of the target audience to discuss the issue. They must show that the problem for the CIO within the field of knowledge, and show how their company or products help solve these problems. This is not a "hard sell", but a chance to show. Or by showing awareness of the problem products, suppliers and members can establish a continuous connection.

Learning and business intelligence. Speakers often have the opportunity to learn from competitors, products and services, learn about the areas they are not familiar with it, but also display their opportunities.

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