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How to improve the agency's initiative

Improve the agency's initiative is doing a good job in this market success is to measure the success of a business staff an important criterion, the service personnel during the operation in the market, not only good business to complete the sales task is more important mobilize the enthusiasm of sales agents, to do careful and meticulous market and train agents on brand loyalty, trust enterprises, helping agents to solve practical problems in the market, increase product sales. Market operations personnel should be handling this mental and physical, ground moving mouth, diligence and feet, a multitude of things, I passed many years of market operation and understanding of the market, simply be summarized as follows:

1, more communication and exchange of information symmetry

鈼?agents in the process of cooperation with enterprises manufacturers want the attention and support, multi-agent communication can solve the existing psychological concerns, elimination of unnecessary misunderstanding.

鈼?communication and exchange of communication, timely delivery on business policy will be manufacturers, but also the wishes and requirements of the business can report to the enterprise.

鈼?full communication and exchange of well pave the way to solve the problems.

鈼?To have a multi-directional communication, communication between all levels of business, the regional market levels, the communication between agents, communication between neighboring regions such as agents, communication can make the products to maintain uniform pricing linked operation communication between businesses could close the feelings, to some extent prevent the market's changing commodity.

2, more brains, more thinking, more ideas

鈼?business ideas in the course of business, the more homogeneous pattern of China operations, the operation of market inertia, not the inculcation of new ideas, difficult to break through in the sales business platform for more ideas to improve the cohesion of its own operational staff.

鈼?Only to think more about business opportunities can be found.

3, more research, more analysis, good staff

鈼?Research on competition in the market, the analysis of market competition, understanding the trend of market competition, market conditions for operating the plan for the business plan.

鈼?help the agents of operation.

4, hyperactivity port, multi Pao Lu, do more practical work

鈼?says a thousand words, thousands of miles away, to seek market opportunities, development of distribution network.

鈼?ground return visit clients at all levels, discover and solve problems.

5, more active, more involved, to grasp market
鈼?can not be lazy, to develop individual work plans, and actively doing things.

鈼?to participate actively in the affairs agents, only a better understanding can better participate.

鈼?by doing things better grasp the current situation, to grasp business opportunities.

6, more motivation, more self-motivation, confidence building

鈼?multi-agents more incentive to enhance confidence in the market agents do, dare to invest.

鈼?have confidence in their products, bent on doing things for the enterprise.

鈼?confidence in ourselves, to have good market determination.

7, more rational, less Jizao, pragmatic

鈼?do market to the fact that realistic, rational things.

鈼?Anything process not be so anxious.

8, more friendly, more consultation, empathy

鈼?The business to be friendly, treat people with appearance.

鈼?encounter problems to settle, not arbitrary attitude of life.

鈼?often empathy, and more consideration for others.

9, multi-service, less command to move people

鈼?open mind to the agents learn to market a low profile.

鈼?establish a services market, service agents thought to work in good faith to move people.

鈼?mandatory tasks to more experienced companies to communicate with agents to help the agents to solve problems, and properly done.

10, playing FALSIFYING, control prices, maintain market

鈼?firmly against changing commodity market, maintenance of peace one market.

鈼?effectively manage the product price, to keep the product life cycle.

11, efficient, fast-paced, do solid work

鈼?To really put to work, to do things quickly, think of things we should do, when not wait for me.

鈼?One of the things to grasp in the end, must not give up halfway, on the ability to solve problems on its own to communicate to one level, good use of resources.

12, multi-sum, more contrast, tapping the potential self-

鈼?more of their work to sum up, summing up the work stage to remind you what to do.

鈼?Comparison of stage work, insufficient and may be found in the glittering success.

鈼?by summarizing, comparing self-re-tapping the potential can be further increased.

13, multi-conversion, look for positioning, adapted

鈼?business personnel should play multiple roles: instructors, waiters, porters, direct sellers, monitors, messaging and so on.

鈼?in different roles to find a good position different from their own efforts to adapt to this positioning.

14, more united, more cooperative, win-win vendor

鈼?improve the service markets in solidarity, unity and certainly do not perform well in bad markets.

鈼?handle the business relationship with a goal towards a direction, can really do a good job market.

鈼?understand the Chang Shang a truth, relying on networks to deliver products, business network is a network of various enterprises to realize the profits by market, investment through our products to profit, manufacturers eventually win.

Meanwhile, during the operation in the market to overcome the following practices:

1, to overcome the spoon of work: forcing agent distribution 脳 脳 species, forced to fight other delivery models, this approach often leads to emotional agents operating market.

2, to overcome the Banded type of work: short-term demands effective business, sales volume, cash flow is often caused by the fixed agents, selling cheaper, leading to lower profits, distribution, without enthusiasm, agents premature mortality.

3, to overcome the marketing tasks for the completion of the work of the passive: tired all day tasks for sales, not really from the market to tapping the potential, the task force pressure on businesses, causing a serious backlog of business inventories, a negative impact on the market.

4, overcome only do a single role: only do information workers, or only do porters, and other direct sellers, agents played no guidance, oversight role, not to the positive regulator of dynamic agents, at best, only one agent Primary staff. Market Operations staff to achieve both direct and guide, both the incentive and constraint, both services are monitoring both retreats and pragmatic, not only for the company consider it to be considered a comprehensive human resources market.

5, the cost of overcoming the lack of the concept of style: good dealer service, improve agent's enthusiasm, not to say that agents should support all the requirements, concepts and cost concepts should be of interest.

6, to overcome the simple task decomposition sales: business people can not simply indicators of corporate sales tasks decomposition of decomposition to the agent, and compel it to complete, must not allow business sense for you to complete the task of enterprise sales targets day busy, in fact, reflect the performance of operational personnel and agents from the performance, must not cart before the horse.

7, to overcome the working methods of the single: every turn to threaten to cancel the proxy agent, this is a cursory, not an inability to show respect for others. Business away from your products will have the same happy and at ease, because now is not the seller of the times already.

8, to overcome to take any cheap ideas: is the process agent services can not be required to give agents the convenience of personal life, but can not ask for special interests, only clean and honest words have weight, and management skills in place.

9, overcome laziness, and so on through to thinking: the market is constantly changing, highly competitive, thought to be difficult to catch up with other people, let alone to wait? Think of things we should seize the time to implement, need to communicate on a phone call at any time, can not push back one-third of a second.

Overcome in order to attack competitors to do the market approach: to belittle other people must not raise their own, only through innovative marketing ideas to participate in the competition is the only way out.


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