Tuesday, October 12, 2010

7 Steps to escort your USB device

Now, like USB flash storage device such individuals have become so powerful, and they begin in a variety of common enterprise. These devices would have applications as a consumer product, so a general lack of security, control and auxiliary management tools. Without hesitation, with many employees of their office supplies from a local center who bought crude storage device, take the work out of home or workplace. Millions of people with personal storage devices, these innocent little tool was used to expand the impact of malicious attacks, and other such illegal attempts to steal information from the company.

Even if one is careful to use the equipment, stored in a USB hard disk data has not been included in the company within a number of conventional procedures, such as backup, encryption, or asset management. How those companies can track these devices out of the company's data? In this case, to protect the security of corporate data to any company's IT department, it is a great challenge.

Recent events

Recent industry events have been cause for concern, leading IT experts recognized the need to use new strategies and techniques to protect the stored personal information in a storage device.

What follows is the information in the people who take home some things:

A professor from the University of Kentucky found that his memory was stolen, so he had 6,500 students in the privacy of information on the risk. These data include student's name species, age and personal social security code, which will lead to thousands of people in the threat of identity theft, not to mention the invasion of privacy that they had.

Afghan bazaar outside Bagram, the people selling classified military information with the flash. U.S. forces then realized they had to protect USB hard drive data security, to find ways to track these devices and ensure that important information from unauthorized employee access.

Safety Tips

If the employee's information is stored in non-protected personal storage device, then they will go out one company at risk. Audit firm will face the risk of information leakage bill, and if the patient's information fall into the wrong hands, the hospital would suffer, and there are financial companies also need to ensure that confidential data is not lost. Once the company data falling into the wrong hands, no doubt the company will face great risks and threats. Company will lose credibility, involved in litigation, as well as a result of employees being stolen identity information or deceived - and so a series of troubles.

The risk of personal storage devices can be divided into the following:

As the device is lost or stolen, data leakage caused by

Unauthorized data extraction

The introduction of malicious code

Concerned about the loopholes in corporate USB devices

Market, hundreds of one million kinds of USB storage devices, confidential corporate data flow has been here - and facing the risk of lost or stolen. Sensitive corporate data loss caused by the potential loss of several times daily in exponentially growth, this situation makes it more and more emphasis on mobile storage devices for the need for appropriate security measures. The following is associated with the mobile storage device of some major security issues:

Data Leakage - In order to minimize the risk of data leaks, businesses should be limited to staff use only company approved USB devices.

Rules and regulations - all organizations should ensure that they follow the rules and regulations of government and security - such as SOX, HIPAA, GLB, California SB and FISMA - in order to reduce the possibility of data loss. First, they need to do is to establish a clear security policy, the policy announced by the staff and through the use of monitoring, tracking and backup all the technology on mobile devices and other means to strengthen these strategies.

Data loss and technical support costs - despite the introduction of several measures, the company's data is lost or stolen may be, so have efforts to reduce losses due to the failure. USB devices provide the company recognized that this approach enables companies to recover lost data and to reduce the loss of activity occupies the active position.


What can be done to strengthen its enterprise personal storage devices for security measures it? People use many kinds of hardware and software solutions, from data encryption to authentication, anti-virus software, and other monitoring options.

Queshi, people can take several solutions, such as closure of the port, to the storage device encryption and right Shujujinhang software Jiami; Danshizhexie programs do not solve the key question: can not 鎻愪緵 for Tai Duoshuo Shanchushebei the Quanmian Anquanfangan.

Protection of personal storage devices step 7

Following these steps will help your company to protect the security of personal storage devices, both not on the network.

1. Is always to define and publish a strategy on the personal storage device.

2. By the company for personal storage devices.

3. To ensure that equipment is fully encrypted.

4. To ensure that users can not avoid security measures.

5. Maintain the data stored in the device's monitor.

6. Be able to repair the data on personal storage devices.

7. To ensure the company's program is sufficiently comprehensive, meaning that it allows you to safely store data on USB drives, can the company control of internal and external environment, the use of all removable devices, and can focus on the management company paid USB device.

Today's business world, the value of mobile storage devices can be self-evident. Similarly, it is clear that the company should take the initiative to integrate these devices to their storage and security policy. Take appropriate measures, including the choice of protection and surveillance data simultaneously and techniques, and follow the relevant regulations of the strong data protection strategies to ensure employees are using company provided the drives and so on, so that enterprises can protect their data safe.


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